I Understood the Assignment

Mary Moss, AKA The Word Wizard
3 min readOct 30, 2021

I understood the assignment. Isn’t that a popular quote on Facebook Reels? I’m in that place these days.

What was my “assignment” you may ask? Level up! Like, in life! I have been weighed down for years with an ever-growing list of things I haven’t done that needed to be done — if I ever wanted to level up!

I can’t really explain why the shift took hold a few weeks ago. More than likely due to an accumulation of life experiences, being exposed to great coaching from a couple of business coaches, being surrounded by a tribe of leveled-up women — or women who are on the journey to do so, as well as my own desire to just stop! Stop what? Stop NOT being leveled up! Stop NOT giving myself permission. Stop NOT doing and being the very best possible.

I’m not beating myself up unnecessarily or seeking anyone to tell me, “it’s okay.” It’s not and it never has been! I’m sharing this as a cautionary tale, encouragement, wake-up call for you! Maybe you can relate! If so, let’s talk!

My personal November/December list of leveling up activities:

· Contacts from two email accounts and an on-line platform transferred to mail management system

o Categorize emails

· Edit scheduling app to accept payments and figure out how that ties into my on-line platform

· Set up Clubhouse rooms for the remainder of 2021

· Prefill 2022 calendar through June as I’m able

· Finish setting up my systems and processes

· Schedule doctor/check-up appointments

· Take care of bills/payments/taxes that need my attention


· Shift my “lack” mentality to abundance thinking

· Really, truly, and actually, believe I am worthy

Photo by Sigmund on Unsplash

I know, this may seem a bit personal! But let’s be honest: I can’t help you if I don’t let you know I can relate! I get it! It’s funny, because I honestly have “turned over a new leaf” or made resolutions many times in the past. This time is different. There was a shift in the air in my world; the atmosphere changed. I shifted! I remember the morning a couple of weeks ago when I realized it had happened! It was pretty incredible! And I’m so grateful! God heard my ardent cry that I was ready! It is time!

I’m doing what I am able to do as time permits. I’m not NOT starting something because I know I won’t be able to finish! I’m starting it, stopping when I need to, and RETURNING to it until it’s complete!

Wow! I should write a book! I think I’ll settle for this blog post for now!

Oh! Watch this space! I’ll be posting about Writing A-Z to complement my Clubhouse rooms theme on Saturday mornings!

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